All the Things Our Dads Taught Us About Dating

By: Monique John
Jan 1, 2019
By: Monique John
Jan 1, 2019
We share 5 things our dads taught us to look for when picking the right guy.

There are plenty of relationship experts out there who swear by their dating advice. But when it comes to painting the best example of how a good boyfriend should act, sometimes it was Dad who did it best. Here are some of the commandments our dads taught us about dating and picking the right guy – through their actions and not just their words.

1. Date a Man Who is Reliable
How many times was Dad there to pick you up on time from school and your extra-curricular activities? Just like Dad was always there to take you back and forth to years of ballet lessons, soccer matches, mall trips and Friday night sleepovers, your man should always follow through on his word when he says he’ll be there to help – no excuses.

2. Date a Man Who Sacrifices
Dads don’t get enough credit for how much they sacrifice for their families. Not only did they reliably get us kids to and from school and put food on the table, they gave up things they wanted for themselves – nights out with the guys, date nights with Mom – to get the job done. Just like your dad was willing to sacrifice for you, your man should be cool with sacrificing, too.

3. Date a Man with Good Taste
There’s nothing better than a man who can teach us about the finer things in life. Who did it better than our dads? From exposing us to the best music, the coolest events, Dad was always there to show us the most interesting and exciting cultural venues. Any and every man who follows in your dad’s footsteps should be on (or above) his level.

4. Date a Man Who Can Admit When He's Wrong
If you ask any dad for the secret to maintaining a loving and long-lasting relationship, he’ll probably tell you it’s remembering that his partner is always right! We all remember our parents getting in arguments from time to time. But in the end, Dad was smart enough to know when Mom was right and oblige accordingly.

A good man knows his partner is his better half. You know that. We know that. Your dad knows that. Just make sure your man knows that, too!

5. Date a Man Who Knows His Way Around a Toolbox
Listen: You can never go wrong with a man who’s comfortable (or at least competent in) using tools. Remember all the times Dad built your bedroom furniture, painted walls, hung paintings and fixed faucets? Dad did those things to provide and help build a home for his loved ones.

Even if you’re a handy girl in your own right, check if your man can flex his DIY skills with you! It’s a highly valuable and underrated asset. Plus, it’s one you’ll always appreciate.

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