Finding My Beautiful with My Man

By: Ebony Combs
Jan 1, 2019
By: Ebony Combs
Jan 1, 2019
See how Ebony and her fiancé inspire each other to be their best selves.

When my fiancé and I were asked to participate in an ad campaign for My Black is Beautiful, I was excited to show the world the great man I have in my life and how we support each other.

The whole experience brought Brandon and I closer by allowing him to gain a better understanding of my career and aspirations. It’s remarkable to share your dreams with your significant other, and even more astonishing to be photographed together to honor him and the countless sacrifices he makes to ensure our best beautiful is at work.

For us, it’s essential that we are living examples in our community and show the importance of uplifting each other, supporting each other from the inside out and forming a solid partnership. It gives me great pleasure to support his goals, dreams and career. I love having a partner who’s focused on his career and leading our family. I also adore that he sets the standard for how men should live, face greatness with confidence and inspire their families to pursue a healthy lifestyle – all with a smile.

Brandon has a demanding aeronautics career that requires a significant amount of time away from home, often traveling overseas with little to no details. It’s a career I’ve taken a back seat to at times. However, being clear on where he aspires to be allows me to love him patiently and with understanding.

My career comes with a separate set of demands: heavy travel, late nights and impromptu meetings and projects, but he’s fully embraced my organized chaos. He is clear on my aspirations, and this experience has allowed him to gain even more clarity on my goals. It gives me great joy to do the same for him. I feel empowered to pursue my career and be a free spirit because of his presence and support. In our own right, we support one another without sacrificing our personal dreams. We know we always have someone in our corner.

We have a true partnership. It calls for a fantastic ride, and that’s my beautiful.

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