Honoring Father Figures on Father’s Day

Jun 17, 2019
Jun 17, 2019
We’re celebrating the men in our lives by sharing our fondest memories of them.

This Father’s Day, we’re celebrating the men in our lives by reflecting on our fondest memories of them. Whether it’s time spent with our fathers, stepdads, uncles, brothers, husbands or boyfriends, it’s precious. Here are some of our favorites:

Monique S., New York, NY
My dad always worked on cars in our front yard. I was always curious and wanted to take a closer look under the hood. But as his baby girl, he’d only let me get but so close. I remember sitting on our front stoop watching him and friends work. After a long day, there was nothing more satisfying than hearing their cheers once they started the car back up. I cheered, too. Lol.

Chantal T., St. Louis, MO
My dad worked in dry cleaning for over 40 years. He would change into work clothes as soon as he arrived and change back before leaving. When I was a little girl, I once asked him why he wore the same clothes every day (clearly, I had no idea.) He told me that he wore the same clothes every day, so I could wear whatever clothes I wanted. It completely went over my head at the time! But years later, I understood the level of sacrifice he had continually made.

Tara L., Los Angeles, CA
My husband fell in love with our daughter the moment she was born. I remember watching him hold her in the delivery room. The pure love in his eyes was beautiful to witness. In that moment, I knew he would spend the rest of his life making sure he provided us both with everything we needed.

LaTeesha J., Chicago, IL
When I was growing up, we drove down south every summer. My dad had a yellow Dodge Charger and did most of the driving. He and my mom would sit in the front and I would sit in the back with my sister. With the luggage strapped to the roof of the car, we’d set out on the 22-hour drive from New York. They’d recline the back seat so I could lie down, watch the sky pass by and daydream. I loved those trips.

Jessica W., Houston, TX
Seeing my younger brother as a father has become one of my greatest joys. The pride he takes in caring for his family and being present for my sister-in-law is enviable. It reminds me of what’s possible when two people commit to building a life together. It’s the life and love I want – and will have one day.

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