How to Live Affirmed in Today’s Society

By: Ray Ball
Jan 1, 2019
By: Ray Ball
Jan 1, 2019
Discrimination, political turmoil and the stress of daily life can take their toll on your mental and emotional health. Here’s one way to affirm your self-worth.

There’s no question that life can get to us – mentally, physically and emotionally – and sap us of confidence, energy and motivation. Being a woman in today’s world is a struggle in itself, but being a black woman is even harder. And with the media telling us how we should look, dress, feel, eat and even think, we need to reaffirm our self-worth more than ever. Society, stereotypes, and sometimes even the pressure we put on ourselves … it can be exhausting to rise above it all.

That’s why it’s so important to prevent life's twists and turns from knocking us down. And one way to do that is through daily affirmations.

Guess what? You’re strong, independent, resourceful, intelligent and perfect in your own right. If no one has told you that today, I will. Sometimes, you need to be your biggest cheerleader and reaffirm your super-womanhood! So next time you’re feeling down and out, say these affirmations loud and proud:

  1. I am beautiful.
  2. I am stronger than I ever imagined.
  3. Before I go to sleep tonight, I promise to count the small wins.
  4. Take a deep breath. Inhale positivity and exhale the haters.
  5. Be adventurous, be bold, be brilliant, be you!
  6. I am not who “they” think I am. I’m better, and I’m stronger.
  7. I won’t give up, I can’t give up. I will win.
  8. Life is tough, but I’m tougher.
  9. When life gives you lemons, be Beyoncé.
  10. Now look in the mirror and smile. You see that smile? That’s what a queen looks like. Fix your crown, and go get it.

Repeat these affirmations daily until you believe them! Print ‘em out, write them on sticky notes, share them with your besties on social media. We’re all strong, unique and beautiful – let’s spread some positivity and celebrate our womanhood together!

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