Motherly Lessons, Daughterly Love

May 11,2019
May 11,2019
Celebrate Mother’s Day by reflecting on lessons from the women in our lives.

Growing up with a Black mom, grandmother, aunties and girlfriends is a beautiful thing. The lessons learned are endless, from the advice given directly to the conversations we’ve overheard. Take a look at some of our favorites!

Pursue Higher Education – Nicole, 31
My mom has always stressed the importance receiving the best education I can afford. Growing up in the rural South under Jim Crow, she attended segregated schools and was taught from outdated textbooks, handed down by the white schools. So, I’ve seized every educational opportunity from public school to college and beyond. Knowledge is king.

Get to Work – Tina, 23
My aunt has always held several jobs, even after retiring. Actually, many of the women in my family have been grinding most of their lives. By watching their example, I know I always need to be ready to work. Odd jobs. Summer jobs. Just get a job and keep moving forward. Even as my salary has increased, my grind is still real. Now, I’m just working smarter, not harder.

Handle Your Business – Kiyana, 28
My parents are celebrating 54 years of marriage in June and my mom swears by keeping separate and joint bank accounts: his, ours and mine. Of course, I needed joint access to funds once living together and married. But knowing how to manage my money is invaluable knowledge that has served me well, regardless of my marital status.

Keep It Together – Tamara, 26
Growing up, my mom never left the house without her lipstick, perfume (aka smell good) and freshly combed hair. I questioned the process as a kid. But now I know, how important it is to walk out into the world by putting your best foot forward. Taking pride in your appearance (whenever possible) is an instant boost in confidence that we all can use.

Know Your Worth – Tiffany, 33
My mom grew up cash poor, but rich in values. Her self-confidence was fostered at a very early age and she instilled the same within me. Knowing the value that you bring to any situation, puts you in a better position for success. Whether it’s business or personal, never underestimate what you offer and never be afraid to leave a lesser situation to find it.

Happy Mother’s Day to all of the strong, beautiful women in our community! Are there any words of advice have you received from the women in your life? Tag @MBIB on IG, Facebook, or Twitter and share the knowledge!

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