The Ultimate Festival Survival Guide

Jan 1, 2019
Jan 1, 2019
Check out our 6 tips for making the most of your time at an expo or music festival.

Trust that festivals and expos will give you an experience you will never forget. You’ll make new friends, strengthen the bonds you already have with your girls and soak up more music, art and culture than you ever thought possible. Regardless of where and when your next festival experience takes you, here are some tips to help you enjoy every second.

1. Easily Transition from Day to Night
Go from cool and casual daytime wear to a chic look for a night out with these tips:

  • Pack a pair of heels and flats – so you can alternate between the two as needed.
  • Bring a light jacket or wrap for cooler evenings.
  • Pack a “reset” kit in your bag to freshen up if you don’t have time to go back to the hotel room: foundation, mascara, Secret Freshies On-the-Go and Olay Fresh Effects Wet Cloths will keep you looking and feeling fabulous from mid-day stage hopping to the midnight afterparty.

2. Don’t Experience the Festival Through Your Phone
You don’t need to record the whole concert. You don’t have to take a picture of every room or every venue. Capture a few choice scenes, but strive to be present in the moment. Enjoy the music. Enjoy your friends. Plus, the less you use your phone, the more likely you’ll still have some battery life at the end of the night when you need to grab an Uber.

3. But Still Bring and Use Your Phone
Hashtags are great for following festival news and keeping up with any changes as they unfold. And, of course, you want to make sure you don’t get separated from your group. Check your phone when you need to, and keep it on silent when you don’t.

4. Take in All the Sights
Most events have more on their schedules than just music, from booths to vendors to promotions. There will be people to meet and memories to make away from the main stages. And don’t limit yourself to the festival grounds! Each city hosting the event will have something unique to offer – great food, history and culture. Take a day, an afternoon or an hour to get away from the festival events and enjoy the city. Plan to go to a museum, a play or a sporting event.

5. Arrive Early, Stay Late
If you can, get to the city a day early or stay a day or two after the festival is over. Not only will this allow you to play tourist – or just chill – but the hot spots will be a little less crowded. You won’t spend so much time standing in lines or waiting for a table.

6. Be Flexible
Plans change. Some things will take longer than you thought, and some won’t even have a wait. You may feel like doing something in the morning, but once the afternoon rolls around you might change your mind. Festivals and their host cities have so much to offer that there’s no reason you won’t be able to make the most of each day, even if things don’t go exactly as planned. Don’t be afraid to be spontaneous – you never know what kind of adventure might be around the next corner.

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