Healthy Roots Doll + MBIB

By: Tamiaya Baker
By: Tamiaya Baker
This new partnership is helping young girls learn to love their hair!

For as long as I can remember, I have had Black dolls. My mother has always been an advocate for Black dolls because she understood it was imperative to my self-esteem and self-image. Unfortunately, not all of my friends have had the same experience. Many either never received Black dolls or hated their Black dolls because they were “ugly”. And let’s face it; the biggest issue with Black dolls of the past was the hair texture. The hair was either bone straight or too rough to style. Nevertheless, a new day has dawned sis!

Healthy Roots Dolls’ mission is to provide the representation and self-confidence that all young girls deserve. The founder of Healthy Roots Dolls, Yelitsa Jean-Charles, created an 18-inch life-like doll specially designed for Black girls. Zoe, the doll’s official name, boasts realistic features, including darker skin tones and curly hair that resembles real hair. This key product feature allows young girls to not only appreciate their own hair textures, but also learn ways of maintaining and nurturing it. Zoe’s hair can be washed, braided, styled and you can even use real hair products!

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Healthy Roots Dolls recently partnered with P&G’s My Black is Beautiful to further their collective mission of celebrating positive images among Black women. Every Zoe doll will now come with a Curl Care Kit curated by MBIB and stocked with products from the new hair care line, My Black Is Beautiful Golden Milk Collection. You can expect all of the hair essentials in this kit including:

  • My Black Is Beautiful Shampoo
  • My Black Is Beautiful Conditioner
  • My Black Is Beautiful Recovery Treatment
  • My Black Is Beautiful Tangle Slayer – Type 3 / 4
  • Denman D14 Row Classic Styling Brush

Girls can now enjoy playing with their dolls while also learning about hair maintenance and the different products necessary for natural hair care. The best part is girls can use these same products in their own hair, adding to the overall educational experience that Zoe provides. Girls having the ability to style their hair like their favorite doll is another way Healthy Roots Dolls looks to empower and reinforce positive self-image.

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The holiday season is rapidly approaching, ladies. This is the perfect time to begin researching and purchasing items for the little ones. Be sure to add Zoe to the toy list. Not only is it well priced, but the Curl Care Kit is a dope addition to this bundle! You will not only be supporting an amazing start up, but you would also be contributing to the proliferation of natural hair love. Do it for the culture!

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