The Souls Behind The Science

Mar 7, 2019
Mar 7, 2019
Read about what happened when these top influencers met the “souls behind the science” of the Gold Series Collection from Pantene.

Ahead of Black History Month, Gold Series invited their favorite influencers and publishers to an exclusive peek behind the curtain at the P&G Labs in Cincinnati. The attendees of the Soul Behind the Science event got a chance to connect with the scientists both inside and outside of the lab for an intimate look at why and how they created this necessary line of products specifically designed for black women. Since Gold Series is one of the brands we love, we took a closer look at how the event unfolded.

The 3-day experience was all about black hair – what it needs and how it should be treated. First, the attendees met the team behind the brand and learned about the products and their unique ingredients. Plus, they got to rock the official Gold Series lab coats!

Next, they got to visit the labs where the products were actually formulated. They saw the Performance Testing Lab where the products pass through a series of “torture” tests (like heat and humidity) to see how the formulas protect hair under stress.

Then, the scientists taught them how to make styling products, like the popular Edge Tamer.

“I’ve tried so many edge tamers, and this one is actually really good. I’m wearing it today and really like it. It’s not too waxy and there’s no residue,” said Nikki Brown from StyleCaster.

Finally, attendees got to test the products on real hair and witness the results for themselves.

It’s safe to say everyone was impressed.

“I’m in awe of the fact that we got to spend all day with black scientists who actually make products designed for us. It means a lot, and after seeing their passion I can’t wait to try all the Gold Series products, including the new stylers,” said Aimee Simeon from Refinery29.

The influencers in attendance loved the chance to get a hands on experience in product development.

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