Stylist Q&A: Sarah D. Mari, of &blowdry Salon Company

By: Danisha Lomax
By: Danisha Lomax
The latest in fall hair trends and how to “check yourself before you wreck your hair!”

It’s fall, and for some, this means watching fashion runway looks. But this month we sat down to talk about all things hair and fashion with Sarah D. Mari, one of Chicago’s behind-the-scenes, fashion show hairstylists and entrepreneurs.

MBIB: What hair trends are poppin’ this fall?

Sarah D. Mari: The throwback vibes and accessories are on-trend. Imagine a sleek, straight style with a dramatic 60's flip at the bottom. Even an 80's style high ponytail or a 90's inspired half up, half down textured look with braided details. These current hair trends are allowing women to have fun with their hair and express themselves like never before.

When it comes to accessories, they are the detailed statement you need to elevate and adorn your hair. I love a good statement clip or jeweled bobby-pins. But, when it comes to accessorizing, think out of the box!

*MBIB Fun fact: Sarah loves to go to her local Michael’s to find accessories that she can pop in her hair at any moment. We might have to add Michael’s as a shopping destination during our weekend beauty supply runs. *

MBIB: Fall Fashion and hair are so interconnected. Who are your fashion muses?

SDM: The Euphoria girl's looks are simple but fun.

*For those who may not know, Euphoria is an HBO show starring the Zendaya and follows a group of high school girls as they navigate friendships and love in a world of social media. *

SDM: Zendaya’s on-show and red carpet looks are unpredictable and “un-boxable,” representing the same experience that changing your hair provides. That’s what I can respect about current runway fashion. The looks are paying homage to the style and hair moments Black culture has been rocking. It is also why it’s essential to be represented behind-the-scenes as well. So, being a Black hairstylist allows me to advocate and show the proper care and love for the hair that I am styling.

MBIB: We love that! Do you have any tips for protecting your hair in the fall? And what is your favorite protective style?

SDM: With the temperature changes, it is so important to keep your hair moisturized. To save time and make the most out of a rainy or wet day, you can deep condition your natural hair while rockin' a fun hat or scarf. It's a win, win.

Braids are my favorite protective style. Everyone knows, when I break out my gray braids, my alter ego Storm has arrived!


MBIB: Yassss, well come through, Storm!

SDM: (smiling/laughing) If I could go gray every day, I would. Braids are my favorite wake-up-and-go look. The knotless technique keeps them fresh and changes the look and vibe of your braids tremendously.

MBIB: Speaking of the knotless technique, we love this newer method. Talk to us about how it elevates the look of braids

SDM: Knotless is hot right now, but it isn't new. Zoe Kravitz has been rocking this look for years! From its invention, the technique has been perfected, giving the most natural look without sacrificing the protective nature of the hairstyle.

MBIB: What advice would you give someone getting ready to embark on the natural hair journey?

SDM: Anyone should feel the freedom to choose their own natural experience. I blow-dry my hair straight every two weeks because I love a beautiful straight, sleek look. Some people even go as far as asking me why I don’t wear my curls. To that, I say, to each their own. We assign hair types to the wrong thing. It is your brand and crown. As long as it is healthy, people should feel comfortable wearing whatever style makes them feel most powerful.


MBIB: Amen! And speaking of healthy, are there any tips you have for healthy hair care?

SDM: Every eight weeks, trim your hair. It could be a full-on cut if needed, but keep the ends of your hair healthy.

Lastly, check yourself before you wreck your hair, and by this, I mean your flat iron settings! Most flat irons have up to 450-degree temperature settings, but every hair type starts to burn at 300 degrees…so again, ’check yourself before you wreck your hair’.


It was a pleasure sitting down with Sarah to talk all things hair and fashion. Be sure to check her out on Instagram and if you’re in Chicago and need a new look,s book an appointment with her at &blowdry Salon Company, ASAP!

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