Stylist Q&A: Tina Pearson, of the Tina Pearson Salon

May 10, 2019
May 10, 2019
Get tips on prepping your hair for spring, protecting your edges and more!

Springtime is the perfect opportunity to shed the weight of winter – literally and figuratively. This month, we sat down with Tina Pearson, celebrity stylist and owner of the Tina Pearson Salon in Edgewater, NJ to talk all things hair and beauty.

MBIB: What hair trends are big this spring?
Tina Pearson: Blinged-out accessories are the must-have for this spring with sayings like, #BlackGirlMagic, Hot Chick, Royal, Dope, etc., along with colored bobby pins and headbands. Black women are exploring hair accessories like never before and they are a great alternative on a bad hair day.

To style, just slick down one side of your hair using a control pomade and place in the colored bobby pins or blinged-out accessory of choice. You can use so many of them at a time and create a nice color pop or pattern.

MBIB: Are you seeing any trends in make-up or beauty?
TP: I’m seeing that lashes are big. Like HUGE… Women are always looking for a clean face and a “wow” factor. Individual lashes are enhancing our natural beauty without the need of makeup. Once you add a cute lip (I love Lip Bar,) you can truly feel "I Woke Up Like This."

MBIB: Is springtime a good time for a trim?
TP: You should never go beyond 3 months between hair cuts/trims. Springtime is great time to get a fresh cut since winter has taken a toll and dried out our hair. Your wash-n-go can finally dry naturally! This is a great time to take off a few more inches than you normally would and try a new, fresh look.

MBIB: How else can we get our hair ready for the season?
TP: Scalp care is so important. Try an exfoliating treatment. Pre-treat with an herbal oil and follow using a charcoal clay shampoo and mask. When combined with vigorous brushing and a steamer, it can make a huge difference in eliminating dryness.

MBIB: When it comes to deep conditioning, which is better: steamer or shower cap?
TP: The steamer is absolutely better! Wearing a shower cap under the dryer basically mimics what the steamer will actually do. Steaming is way more effective It helps the treatment of choice penetrate and also improves circulation. If we treated our scalp the way we treat our face, it would make such a difference on our overall hair health.

MBIB: What are your thoughts on co-washing? Yay or nay?
TP: Nay, Nay, Nay! Co-washing can work in some cases when your hair is extremely full and thick and in need of a quick fix when you don’t want to go through your whole shampoo routine. Just keep in mind it’s a buffer. It’s not really cleaning our hair. It’s similar to using dry shampoo. It’s temporary. Co-washing shouldn't replace traditional shampoo. With so much information out there, people get confused. But we must shampoo our hair the same way we must cleanse our body.

MBIB: Do you have any tips on protecting our edges?
TP: Stop doing the things that damage them! It’s okay if our edges curl up a little bit. It’s the finest hair on our heads. Be gentle. Avoid tension and vigorous brushing. We shouldn’t wear ponytails every day. If wearing extensions and wigs, be sure to minimize tension around the hairline.

MBIB: Noted! Thank you for chatting with us!
TP: It was my pleasure.

Be sure to check out the Tina Pearson Salon in Edgewater, NJ, where they specialize in all hair textures, styles and beautiful, virgin hair extensions. “Beautiful hair, it doesn’t just happen.”

The Tina Pearson Salon.
1044 River Road | Edgewater, NJ 07020 | 201.224.7000

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