The Freedom of a 7-Minute Face

By: Tamiaya Baker
Jun 10, 2019
By: Tamiaya Baker
Jun 10, 2019
When the weather heats up, pare down your beauty routine with these essentials.

The weather starts to warm up, it’s time for me to shed layers! Long sleeves and pants are put away and so is my fully-made face. My skin needs change and I want a quicker way to a fresher-looking face. Here are some must-haves that help bring out my natural beauty in under 7 minutes.

In the summer, I usually switch to a lighter moisturizer. It just works better and leads to fewer breakouts for my oily/combination skin. One I love is Olay Whips with SPF 25. It’s the perfect 2-for-1 layer, with breathable hydration and built-in sun protection.

As a woman of color, finding a foundation that actually matches my skin tone and undertones has always been tricky. My go-to is Fenty. With over 50 shades to choose from, mine is easy to find. Just beware of the oxidation effect. The color darkens once applied, which is great news for sisters with richer complexions.

I have some hereditary under-eye circles that still persist – even after I apply foundation. So, I use a creamy formula from Nars to brighten up my eyes and make any remaining dark spots disappear. The range of shades covers a wide spectrum of skin tones, so it’s a great find for us.

To play up my almond eyes, eyeliner is still a must. A quick outline instantly adds definition and polish to my face. My favorite is from Sephora. It goes on easily, with a smooth application. The color is also really pigmented, so it pops against my cocoa skin color – without needing a lot.

A fresher face calls for a lighter mascara, too. So, I switch from black to brown. It’s a subtle shift, but lighter lashes seem to open up my face. My must-have is by Clinique. Its longwearing formula lasts up to 24-hours and is smudge-proof. So, it’s perfect for those long, summer nights.

Lip Gloss
Summer is also when I ditch the lipstick. I like color with a bit of shimmer to add a little sparkle. I absolutely love this one from Becca. It nourishes my lips like a balm and adds multi-dimensional color and shine.

By paring down my beauty routine for summer, I can put my best face forward and get out the door even faster. How do you remix your routine this time of year? Tag us @MBIB on IG, Facebook, or Twitter and let us know.

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