The Golden Milk Collection Shines at Beautycon LA

Jan 1, 2019
Jan 1, 2019
Celebrity Stylist, Felicia Leatherwood’s tips for 3A-4C curls and coils.

When Beautycon began in 2015, no one knew it would become the go-to beauty event it is today. And as the third stop on the 2019 tour (NYC and Tokyo were 1st and 2nd,) LA was full of star power and surprises from big brands speaking to Black women.

My Black is Beautiful placed its spotlight on its new Golden Milk Collection. Launched in July, the collection made an even bigger impression by taking center stage with celebrity stylist, Felicia Leatherwood.

While on stage, Leatherwood created a protective style while educating the room on what sets the Golden Milk Collection apart from the rest: great slip and moisturization. We learned how to properly moisturize our curls because this collection absorbs into the hair, rather than sitting on top, which is exactly what our textures need. And it works wonders on color-treated hair, too.

Leatherwood also highlighted another point of difference for the Golden Milk Collection: the ingredients. For centuries, Golden Milk has been known for its restorative properties. But this is the first time those benefits are being used to care for our hair.

Traditionally, Golden Milk consists of turmeric, ginger, honey, coconut milk and coconut oil. And the benefits are legendary: natural antioxidants, inflammation reduction, antibacterial/antifungal/antiviral properties, and more.

But what happens when these ingredients are used in hair care? When combined, the anti-inflammatory properties of the turmeric soothe the scalp, the ginger awakens the cuticle and the remaining ingredients provide moisture that lasts. The Golden Milk Collection includes:

A deeply nourishing hair mask in the form of the Intense Recovery Treatment, which is actually an exfoliating treatment. Even after the first use, it helps minimize shedding by repairing our hair and improving manageability.

Two detanglers are also included in the collection by way of the Tangle Slayer Conditioning Cream. If you have a looser curl, try Type 3. Or if you have tighter coils, try Type 4. Both are specially formulated to moisturize while elongating our pattern and minimizing frizz.

And no line is complete without a shampoo and conditioner. The Hydrating Shampoo cleans without stripping hair and the Fortifying Conditioner softens, detangles and improves hair elasticity.

Finally, the benefits of antioxidants are being applied to our scalp, follicles and hair. And we can truly live this life like it’s golden.

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