Prepping Hair for Fall Weather

By: Arnetta Whiteside
By: Arnetta Whiteside
Get a jump on the change in weather and get your hair ready for fall.

October is here – and as we enjoy our Pumpkin Spice Lattes, pumpkin carving and apple picking with the family, it’s also a time to begin thinking about maintaining the health of our hair during transitional weather. I don’t know about you, but my scalp starts to get itchy and my hair gets drier and more brittle during colder months. Here are my five tips to combat effects of the season:

1. Drink more water. Not only is water essential for weight loss (we’ll save that for another day,) it’s also essential to preserving the strength and growth of my strands, since water makes up 25% of a single hair follicle. And think about this, drinking water will also help prevent dry, itchy and flaky scalp during the winter.

2. Increase the time between washes. I tend to wash my hair once a week during the summer to remove product build-up, which isn’t great for fall/winter. Increasing this time to bi-weekly helps to avoid additional dryness due to the change in the weather.

3. Consider a fall trim. I trim my hair twice a year, once in the spring and once in the fall. My fall trim is super important because it removes split ends that can get caught in or snagged on coats, scarves and hats. A trim will also help prevent knotting, eases detangling and produces better styling results – especially since I’m increasing the time between wash days.

4. Switch your products to heavier oils and creams. Heavier oils such as coconut, shea or olive create a protective layer around the hair follicle to seal in moisture. But, these types of oils should be used at night, as it takes longer for the oil to absorb into the hair.

5. Wear satin or silk headwear. Satin lined winter hats and sleep bonnets are key to reducing breakage, frizz and friction on my hair. These materials also help retain moisture in the hair, preventing dryness.

6. Add a hair mask to your regimen. Fall is also the perfect time to show our hair a little TLC. A deep-conditioning treatment can help restore, replenish and repair hair for more manageability, moisture and shine, just as the weather starts to change. One to try: Intense Recovery Treatment, MBIB Golden Milk Collection / $12.99

The transition from warm to cold weather can take a toll on our hair and calls for a change in how we maintain and care for it. Hopefully these tips will help you stave off the seasonal weather blues, too. How do you prepare your hair for the transition from summer to fall? Join in the conversation by tagging us @MBIB on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

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