You are the beginning of all things,
Captured hearts,
Gone toe-to-toe with kings,
Made victory an art,
Earned crowns and wings.
You deserve everything.
But this past year, the slings and arrows of hate,
The cruelties piled on your plate,
Empty spaces, and missing faces
All tried to rob you of your peace,
And your piece of the dream.
But you are not the kind of woman to sit back
Or stand by
Or play shy
When others try to build barriers
Between you and the life
You raise sons and daughters for.
Instead, you soar.
You show us how much you adore
Your precious self.
You are a force
Like nothing we have ever seen.
You are a moon
Driving tides
Of change.
When you shine
We are starry-eyed.
Your Black is the most beautiful thing
We have ever seen,
Some have never seen.
So keep on
Re-making the future,
Re-writing the standards.
It is our privilege
To behold you,
To walk beside you
Or stand behind you
While you show us the way,
Your way—
All Black
All Beauty
No Apologies.