Because cold airs sucks... moisture right out of our hair.

Hello, hair. Hello, winter. Hello, moisture maintenance! Our waves, curls, and coils are feeling a little parched due to temperature drops, wind chills, and hotter (and harder) water.

So, let’s kick off the month with some remedies and recommendations for Type 3 and Type 4 hair to keep our strands hydrated and nurtured throughout the coldest months of the year. Ouch! The lower temperatures do not do our waves, curls, and coils justice. Wind and the harsh cold air suck moisture out of our hair and cause tangles, accelerating breakage⁠—plus, the shift in temperatures puts additional stress on the hair. For some of us, rocking our natural hair this winter is not an option. In this case, a protective style may be the way to go—just remember to not let your protective style overstay its welcome!

Woman with curly hair with a golden drop

Remedy #1: Don’t forget the oil. Since curly hair frizzes easily, adding an oil will seal in your winter-ready curls.

Remedy #2: Skip the shower cap, and give your coils a steam shower. The steam can easily penetrate the hair follicle, allowing hair to retain more moisture.

Recommendation: Drink an additional 8 oz. of water a day to keep all parts of your body moisturized.

Simply: Nutrients, water, and taking proper rest support your hair year-round. While we may think that what we consume only affects our energy, our hair needs protein and vitamins like the rest of our body, especially in the colder months of the year.

We don’t have enough hours in the day to be thinking about everything we have to do plus how to keep our hair protected every minute of the winter season. Thankfully, there’s product created to support hair health that generates new hair growth while nurturing your hair type. After conditioning, we recommend our Golden Milk Intense Recovery Treatment to improve hair manageability and shine.

Out of the shower, following up with our Golden Milk Nourishing Leave-in Conditioner- lock in moisture and elongate hair for softer, easy to manage, frizz-free curls. For best results, section damp hair & apply a generous amount of MBIB Cream to your palms. Emulsify & gently massage into hair.

Lastly, a satin pillowcase and/or satin-lined scarves and caps will retain moisture and prevent breakage from friction. A combination of a penetrative mask, detangling cream, and supportive headwear can help improve strands—and time management!

Remedy #1: If using a heated styling tool for blowouts or to maintain curl shape, using a protective product will help your hair stay breakage-free beyond the colder months. A mist, spray, or oil prior to heated-tool use can act as a barrier for the strands.

Remedy #2: Shampoo once a week, max. Since its foaming lather can pull moisture from the hair during the cleansing process, it’s best to keep this part of your routine minimal so that your hair can hold onto its natural oils. Instead, use a gentle, cleansing shampoo that won’t strip the hair of moisture.

Recommendation: Trim, trim, trim! We know that monthly trims may seem a bit unrealistic (and potentially costly), but the truth is that we are preventing our hair from additional damage—damage isn’t inevitable. So, whether you schedule out monthly visits with your stylist, call up a friend to step in, or take it upon yourself, give those ends some love and attention.

Woman applying hair products on the back of her head

Unless you’re on the other side of the hemisphere (hey, Australia!), colder months can do our hair down right dirty! The drop in temperatures turns our hair dry, frizzy, and left feeling unprotected, so it’s essential to take note of routines to check in on the state of our hair, and notice what is and isn’t working.

Here’s to healing, healthy energy into and during the colder months (and lots of moisture and warmth too!). If you’re feeling a little stuck, just refer back to the list of remedies and recommendations above. You got this.