Ready for Your Reveal, MBIB?

Mar 12, 2021
Mar 12, 2021
Join the team as they unveil their African Ancestry DNA test results.

Identity is powerful—it’s authentic and personal to each of us as individuals. For over 15 years, My Black is Beautiful has celebrated Black identity in all its beautiful glory. Our stories relate to our history and lineage just as much as our history and lineage relate to our present-day selves. My Black is Beautiful’s identity is committed to cherishing our past and present. There's beauty and power in that. MBIB March Blog Divider “The good news is that there is one thing that we did not lose during that horrific holocaust—called The Middle Passage—and that is our DNA.”

-Dr. Gina Paige, Co-founder, African Ancestry MBIB March Blog Divider Fortunately, while there’s still a lot to learn about Black ancestral DNA, African Ancestry + Dr. Gina Paige are helping change the narrative. African Ancestry DNA kits give us confirmation as to who we are, so we can embrace what we find and use that to fuel the best version of ourselves. We are so excited to invite you into our world and showcase the results of our African Ancestry DNA kits. Check out the DNA results from our team below:

With new understanding under our belts, what does this mean for MBIB’s team of participants? Crystal Harrell said it best:

“This starts the connection, but I think being in the place, being on the ground, being with the people and the community—MY people, MY community—will take it to a whole different level.”

The beauty of these results is that they're specific. They give their recipients—in this case, the MBIB team—access to the very African region their DNA extends out from. Whether results coincide with what our team assumed or not, there's information that each individual can take and expand on, share with family or friends, and use as an opportunity to connect with other people from that specific region.

We're so honored to be part of this journey—to share and reflect on our findings, dig deeper to understand our roots, and apply our learnings in support of our future selves. We say it all the time, but to reiterate for emphasis: My Black is Beautiful.

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