Faced with Conversation: Black & Brown Faces

Nov 18, 2020
Nov 18, 2020
MBIB Celebrates Black Heritage and Identity at Cincinnati’s Paloozanoire

Black voices have been marginalized for far too long.

Paloozanoire CEO and curator Rico Grant saw an opportunity to help his community, so he curated an art exhibit showcasing Black and Brown faces—specifically, our facial expressions.

Showcasing all our pain. All our strength. All our beauty.

My Black is Beautiful is committed to advocating for initiatives that celebrate Black culture and cultivate meaningful dialogue—the true first steps toward substantial change.

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We are honored to have the opportunity to work alongside Rico Grant for Black & Brown Faces for our commissioned piece “Check All That Apply” by Hannah Jones, which will be featured alongside work from nine other Black Cincinnati artists at the Cincinnati Art Museum.

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Jones stated that when she was in junior high, she was called to the office because the school counselor didn’t believe her mom had marked a form correctly. Jones explained that the counselor said her mom had checked both Black and white on the form.

The counselor told her, “You have to choose one.”

“Check All That Apply” is represented as a brightly colored portrait—inspired by Jones’ biracial identity—a visual exploration of her deeply personal and integrated experience in the world.

“That’s why we’re doing this,” Grant said. “I think we’re going to have a lot of people walk in this building who are really hurt, and 'Black & Brown Faces' will help them initiate the process to help heal that pain.”

Black & Brown Faces serves as a representation of stories across generations. A continuous conversation striving toward representation and truth.

Lean in, rise up, and join us.

Our lives matter. Watch our #HowWe video series to learn how we’re taking further action, and register here for free admission to the exhibit. Black & Brown Faces runs until Jan. 3, 2021.

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