Beyond the Self-Care Story

Feb 19, 2021
Feb 19, 2021
An unfiltered take on caring for yourself during Black History Month.

In order to become the fullest versions of ourselves, we must honor all feelings, moments, and experiences before and beyond us. As Black women, we show up, and show out—but what power do we have in the world if we don’t take some of the weight off ourselves, first? Self-care is an opportunity to dive into our inner worlds, finding understanding and healing in the process.

Black history reminds us that self-care is really about self-preservation. Whether you attribute self-care to a soothing scalp soak accompanied by a glass of wine, or 20 minutes of solitude, taking care of yourself is an intentional act involving both your physical and mental self. What arises in the body may correlate with your brain, so it’s necessary to give both an opportunity to relax. Ahead, we break down four categories to help cultivate your version of self-care during Black History Month—a soft cushion or seat is encouraged!


Notice: What have you noticed about Black History Month specifically this year? Pay attention to the feelings that arise—even the uncomfortable ones. By noticing your internal and external environment, you are showing up for yourself.

Accept: We believe acceptance means to find freedom in the moment. What do you want to accept at this given time? Conversely, what do you refuse to accept, and why?

Examine: Maybe you find yourself deep-diving into historical text or journaling down thoughts. As a Black woman, what are you most curious about in your own life experience? Notice if your curiosity is coated with any connotation.

Observe: Let your senses take up space and recognize what value both self-care and Black History Month hold in your life. Think about this in relation to your friends, family, and lovers as well. Analyzation is not observation. Finding gratitude for yourself is necessary.

Black history undoubtedly cultivates inspiration (and sometimes appropriation!) from those around us. Black History Month is more than four weeks of celebration, just as self-care is more than a soft filter. When we tap into ourselves, we are reminded that our power is our existence. To be Black is to be a self-preserving individual. MBIB believes we should celebrate that, every chance we get. Happy Black History Month!

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