5 Ways to Destress from the Noise of the World

By: Valerie Christopher
Jan 1, 2019
By: Valerie Christopher
Jan 1, 2019
Politics and social strife got you down? These 5 easy self-care survival tips will help you shed your stress.

Another ignorant post shows up on your Facebook feed. Our country’s political climate continues to change. The news is littered with depressing stories. And all this while trying to stay sane juggling the demands of work and family life.

What’s a girl to do to escape the noise?

Relax, unwind and get right with these five self-care survival tips to help keep you physically (and mentally) ready for whatever adversities come your way:

1. Walk it Out

They say you are the closest to earth once you put your foot to the ground. So, get to steppin’ girlfriend! Oh, the wonders of what a 10-minute walk can do for you.

Not only will you clear your head, but you’ll get plenty of sun and vitamin D in the process. Walking also helps boost endorphins that make you feel good, less stressed and less worried about what’s going on in the world. Next time you’re feeling the pangs of stress overload, head for the door and take a brisk walk.

2. Pamper Yourself

Sometimes, counting to 10 just doesn’t do the trick. Instead, reserve an afternoon just for you to relax, destress and get pampered.

  1. Wash your hair with Gold Series Moisture Boost Shampoo. It provides superior cleansing and moisturization for both relaxed and natural hair, leaving it feeling soft, silky and shiny!
  2. Seal your locks with Gold Series Repairing Mask. We all know that when our hair isn’t looking or feeling right, it can bring us down and add unnecessary stress to our lives. This water-activated mask is the gold standard for conditioning dry, damaged hair. It helps restore hair’s health and strength, while providing manageability, softness and tangle-free hair.
  3. After you’ve gotten your hair right, make sure your face is on point, too. Bring the spa into your home with the ProX by Olay Advanced Cleansing System. Its two-speed rotating facial cleansing brush thoroughly cleanses as it gently exfoliates.

3. Meditate

If you don’t have time to pamper yourself when tension strikes, try meditation. By meditating five to 10 minutes a day, you can clear away the issues or stress weighing heavily on your mind, gain new perspective and reduce negative emotions. Simply close your eyes, go to your happy place and release your inner Ahhh!

4. Sweat it Out, Then Sleep it Off

Many environmental and social factors – like excessive noise, deadlines, uncomfortable living spaces, financial woes and bad weather – can negatively affect our sleep. Burning the candle at both ends can diminish our well-being and sleep patterns.

So how can you block out the noise? Try exercising! One intense hour spent at the gym has been proven to help you rest better at night. Nerves wound too tight to relax? Go pour yourself a nice cup of tea! Hot tea helps calm your nerves, soothe your soul and bring on the zzz’s.

5. Turn off Your Devices

At the end of the day, sometimes you just need to go off the grid, unplug and recharge. By stepping away from your technology – even for 30 minutes a day – you can organize your thoughts, release any built-up tension and clear your mind. It forces you to be present in the moment and focus on the here and now.

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