About My Black
is Beautiful

Founded in 2006, My Black Is Beautiful is a community-first platform developed by a group of visionary Black women. My Black Is Beautiful empowers, celebrates and ignites meaningful dialogue and change around the topic of bias and the ever-evolving subject of beauty, as well as its influence on culture.

With more than 2.5 million members, My Black Is Beautiful is a catalyst for movements that affect timely and enduring change, and advocates for all that is beautiful about Black culture. In 2019, My Black Is Beautiful launched a hair care collection developed by and for Black women – with a unique understanding of, and respect for Black hair care desires and needs.

With resources and reach powered by Procter and Gamble’s purpose-driven commitment to be a force for good and growth, My Black Is Beautiful partners with P&G and its portfolio of trusted brands to acknowledge and uplift Black community and culture through the lens of Black beauty.

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