Falling Back into Fall

By: Shameka Brown Barbosa
By: Shameka Brown Barbosa
Tips and tricks for ramping your routine up after summer ends.

Who doesn’t love summer? Long, lazy days. Warmer weather. And usually, fewer cares than any other season. Add in summer Fridays and summer vacation, and it’s arguably the best time of the year.

But after Labor Day, a harsh reality sets in. Summer is over. And it’s time to get back to business, whether we like it or not. So, how can we head into fall when our minds are still on vacation?

Ease into Routines As the pace of our lives picks back up, we should remember to cut ourselves some slack. After two months off, it may be difficult to jump right back in. Allow yourself a couple of weeks to adjust to the new speed of life. By adding one or two must-dos back into your routine each week, you can get back up to speed by the end of the month.

See It, Be It Visualizing our day going smoothly can help, too. Each morning, imagine your new routine going off without a hitch. Picture everything running as ideally as it as possible. Seeing ourselves relaxed and in control can actually get us one step closer to making it a reality!

Get More Sleep Moving from summer into fall can be jolting on a number of levels. But one of the easiest ways to help our bodies adjust is simple: Go to bed! And alarms aren’t just for the morning. Try setting one as a reminder at bedtime. It will add a new dimension to your evening routine, while helping you adjust to your new schedule.

Make Plans As our calendar fills with events and must-dos, it can also be helpful to use a calendar or planner to keep track of it all. Whether you go old school with pen and paper or use a digital version on your phone, plotting out your commitments can save you time in the long run.

Take Deep Breaths Remember, it’s natural to feel overwhelmed at this time of year. If that feeling comes over you, head to a quiet place (in a pinch, you can duck into your car or a nearby restroom) and try this breathing exercise: • Set the timer on your phone for 3 minutes. • Close your eyes and relax your shoulders. • Place one hand over your heart and the other over your abdomen. • Inhale deeply through your nose, allowing your abdomen to expand. • Open your mouth slightly, as you exhale fully. • Repeat until the timer goes off.

Give Thanks Yes, this season of life is CRAZY. But this crazy life is yours. Be thankful for all you have and all that is to come. This season is one of many. Showing and sharing gratitude during a challenging time can put it all into perspective.

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