Meet the MBIB Team

Aug 27, 2020
Aug 27, 2020
Meet the women behind the message, magic, and movement.

MBIB was founded by a visionary group of Black women in 2006 and there are many people who have carried the torch forward, bringing it to where it is today.

These are the current women driving the movement of My Black is Beautiful into the future.

Nadirah Mutala, Senior Communications Manager, North America Multicultural Hair

A strong advocate for broad, systemic change, Nadirah addresses issues in business and life directly and immediately. She believes that as a Black woman on this brand, it is impossible to separate her own experiences from the audience she is serving through MBIB.

Breann Davis, Brand Director, North America Multicultural Hair Care

Dedicated to leading the charge on candid conversation, Breann challenges industry leaders and pursues solutions for the disparities that affect the Black community. She is driven by both social and professional responsibility, but also her own personal responsibility to create change.

Lela Coffey, Vice President, North America Hair Care, Portfolio & Multicultural Beauty

A true supporter of sustained change for the better, Lela helped pave the way to national conversations and awareness with P&G’s "The Talk” and “The Look." Lela is focused on growing the thriving MBIB platform, and celebrating all that is beautiful about Black culture and people.

Alex Webb, Senior Brand Manager, My Black is Beautiful

Alex is a firm believer in shining the spotlight on Black women to rewrite the definition of beautiful. She is focusing on dismantling the stereotypical visuals of what beauty looks like and ensuring that Black women get the attention and love they deserve.

Theresa Thornton, Senior Media Manager, North America Multicultural Hair Care

With her work at My Black is Beautiful, Theresa celebrates and uplifts Black culture while challenging bias and injustice. She believes that company diversity is key to tap into different ideas and life perspectives that make our work and the world stronger.

Anitra Williams, Brand Manager, Multicultural Hair Care

In the face of a global pandemic, Anitra has her eyes on the present with recent campaign “How We Win, Fight, Cope and Survive.” She’s devoted to challenging the vulnerability the Black community faces among the resurgence of racial tension and hopes to bring more attention to these issues.

Karen Evans, Senior Brand Manager, North America Multicultural Hair Care

Motivated to participate in and lead social justice efforts, Karen believes that every person has a role to play in creating a more equitable future. Her work with Royal Oils and Gold Series is a capstone to ensuring that Black people everywhere feel beautiful and valued as they strive for long-term change.

Read more about the MBIB team’s thoughts on everything from bias to brand-building here. What would you ask the women of MBIB? Let us know by tagging us @MBIB on IG, Facebook, or Twitter.

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