With Love: Motherhood & Beyond

May 5, 2021
May 5, 2021
We love you. We respect you. We cherish you.

Mother’s Day is much more than a special brunch or bouquet of flowers. It’s a special day to honor all the amazing people that step into motherhood (by chance or choice) for the support and respect they bring into every space.

Whether you are a momma yourself or have assumed a motherly role, whether you are someone that plays the role of Mom and Dad or are a momma-to-be, this message is for you. Ahead, we detail five different ways mothers, mommas, mommies, and moms show up in space, doing it all—and then some—in the name of love.

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It’s safe to assume that when chaos strikes, moms are the first in line to help out. The nurturing spirit of motherhood creates a safe space for whatever incident takes place. Band-Aids? Soothing words of wisdom? The ability to assess any situation? Check, check, and check.

A mom just knows when things are wrong. Whether it’s a bad breakup, bad hair day, or a bad year (looking at you, 2020!), moms can tell how you feel before a word is uttered. Regardless of how we give and receive love, Mom knows what’s up—and is there to protect, nurture, or comfort.

If not evident in years past, 2020 showcased how moms became teachers for their children. Suddenly learning algebra and participating in science projects are now on the daily to-do list. Oh, and what about multitasking? Pssh, moms ace that test every time.

Hair Stylist
Some of our first memories with our mommas revolve around early mornings, late nights, and weekends dedicated to maintaining our beautiful crowns. Whether combing out our hair on wash day, or applying the perfect amount of edge cream to our up-do, moms have used their expertise (and agile hands) to work magic on our curls for many, many generations.

Event Planner
No matter what’s on the agenda, moms make it happen. Who made sure we attended all of our back-to-back weekday activities? Who drove to sports tournaments, dance competitions, and theater classes every weekend for multiple hours at a time? Who juggled each extracurricular club, activity, or event so we’d feel included? Mhmm. Mom did that!

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At MBIB, we consider Mother’s Day an opportunity to write a year-long love letter detailing how motherhood continually shows up for us. We encourage you to take a step back to reflect and celebrate how love—and the people who embody it—keeps our light shining.

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