The 100% effort you put in. Those goals you accomplished. All you.

Who’s ready for 2022? If no one has told you yet, it’s our time to shine and celebrate all that we’ve accomplished. As we step into another 365-day cycle, the routines we’ve created and the rest we’ve prioritized will be essential ingredients for creating a worthwhile year ahead.

Below we detail ways we can find joy in the present moment and honor ourselves. Self-celebration is necessary—we’ve been putting in that work!

Take some personal time

Take a walk, schedule some PTO, sit in a dark room with silence, go on a lavish vacation… the point here is to honor our needs and lean into what makes us feel alive, recharged, and ready to tackle the year ahead. Life will be there upon return.

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Journal three points of gratitude every day

Take out a piece of paper, grab a notebook, or type in your phone. Every night, write down three moments in the day we’re grateful for. Celebrating the little wins is what creates bigger wins—and substantial change.

Reflect on the past

Sometimes it’s easy to get caught up in the distance between our present selves and our future goals, but celebrating our progress is extremely powerful. When we take the time to reflect—whether that be through letters to our younger selves, looking at old calendars, or sharing details with a mentor or friend—our growth and evolution become more apparent. At the end of the day, we must be our best advocate!

Honor the power of choice

From the moment the alarm clock goes off, choices are made that affect our day (and in the long term, our lives). Check in: Choices create habits, which create routine. Are our actions aligned with our current and future goals? A shift may need to occur, but change can be a positive, powerful tool when implemented intentionally.

Don’t compare

There’s only one of us, so be kind to her! Keeping an eye on our goals and wins is truly what matters. How can we expect our lives to match someone else’s when each of us has different life experiences? It’s important to celebrate our friends’ and families’ wins, too, but we can’t forget about ourselves along the way. Personal success is made possible by individual diligence, focus, and support.

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It’s key that we find connection in our lives. The person in the mirror is not excluded from that list. Growth isn’t always visible, which is why advocating for yourself and celebrating your personal journey is self love in and of itself!

Take a deep breath, family, and welcome in the new year. A celebration of ourselves doesn’t end today or tomorrow. It is an ongoing practice that we are committing to for the long run. If we are confident in our abilities, then what is stopping us from becoming the best version of ourselves? Nothing.