Hear 5 stories about experiencing bias and thriving in any environment.

My Black is … Resilient

Jessica’s retail manager told her to own someone else’s problem by changing up her appearance. Instead of conforming, she learned how to embrace her differences and thrive in the face of rejection.

My Black is … Resilient

My Black is … Unshakeable

Despite experiencing a biased encounter with law enforcement, Alexander finds strength in embracing his culture.

My Black is...Unshakeable

My Black is … Beautiful – Period

Even before Nicole became a mother, she wanted Avery to know: Black is beautiful.

My Black is Beautiful...Period

My Black is … Aware

As one of the few black kids at a predominantly white elementary school, Marcus’s father taught him to understand and embrace his differences.

My Black is...Aware

My Black is … Confident

After experiencing racial bias in the seventh grade, Princess encourages young girls to be proud of their skin and comfortable with who they are.

My Black is...Confident