Designed with You in Mind: MBIB’s Hair Care Lines

Sep 7, 2021
Sep 7, 2021
Read ahead for an in-depth look at the benefits of our Golden Milk and Blue Ginger products.

Welcome to the MBIB hair care collection hotline. We’ll be discussing Golden Milk, a rich, creamy, substantive lathering conditioner that penetrates into hair, and Blue Ginger, an equally creamy, lubricous, hydrating concoction that improves scalp moisture barrier.

We’re here to give you some insight into our brand, and the products that have given us the platform we know and love. Let’s get started.

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The first MBIB hair collection we released was our Type 3- and 4-specific Golden Milk line. Golden Milk is great for providing moisture, detangling, and manageability (specifically smoothing and frizz control). Next up, Blue Ginger joined the mix as a refreshing step system between showering and styling. The products, infused with Blue Ginger, replenish nutrients, restore, and revive the hair.

What we love the most about our two hair care collections is that they were designed for your specific hair type and hair needs—the combination of ingredients lubricates the hair, making it easier to detangle. The result? Easier combing and protection from hair breakage or split ends, which also protects the cuticle layers, preventing damage to the cortex. It smells good. Feels good. And makes your hair look good. That’s the power of MBIB!

Applying My Black is Beautiful Scalp Scrub to natural hair


It’s no secret that we’re fans of our own product, but there’s more to the product than what you see when you shop online or in the store. Ahead, we call out three products: the Golden Milk Tangle Slayer, the Golden Milk Curl Cream, and the Blue Ginger Scalp Scrub, and explain how and why they work.

TYPE 3* & TYPE 4*

The Tangle Slayer conditioning cream provides just the right amount of protection for curly and coily hair types. It deposits active ingredients onto the hair to enable slip, reduce friction on the hair, and smooth the hair to loosen entangled hair fibers. The conditioning ingredients take over where the shampoo and conditioner leave off.


The Golden Milk Curl Cream is constructed from a blend of polymers and conditioning actives that help to smooth hair, reducing frizz while at the same time providing a light hold for curls. Its specialized conditioning ingredients work together to reduce frizz and provide shape and hold.


The Blue Ginger Invigorating Scalp Scrub is best described for its invigorating feeling. That feeling? Menthol. Plus, the scalp scrub has exfoliating ingredients. The application of the product onto the scalp removes oil and product buildup. This leaves the hair feeling revitalized and refreshed.

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Our product collections are extensions of our brand and platform. We’re happy to continue sharing more of our stories with our community, as well as the products we create along the way. Keep your eye out for more product updates, expansions, and special promotions as our platform continues to grow. Don’t worry, the MBIB community will be there every step of the way.

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