Protect Your Hair in Style

June 18, 2021
June 18, 2021
Follow along and take our interactive quiz to help find your ideal protective style this summer.

Our culture is known for experimentation in all forms of creativity, and that most definitely includes our hair! But with options comes choice, so we narrowed down our four protective styles that complement a variety of face shapes and lifestyles—and turned the information into an interactive quiz.

The seasons are changing, and our locks (just like you, lady!) need attentive care. Take our quiz below and find the protective style that suits your needs while keeping your strands bouncy and strong. Ready to begin?


Find the best protective hairstyle for you this summer

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So where did your results take you? Sleek cornrows or a polished top knot? Maybe a seamless pineapple updo with the potential for Senegalese twists? No matter where your preference falls, we’re happy to be part of your transition season into the summer months ahead.

Be sure to tag us on Instagram with pictures of your favorite protective style, using the hashtag #MBIBAndProtected. Now go 'hed and show us what protective style you’re working with—you look marvelous.

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