Our Method for True Hair Health

Mar 2, 2021
Mar 2, 2021
This is a two-part plot, feat. Blue Ginger and Golden Milk.

We want our products to make you feel vibrant when you look into the mirror. As a brand built and backed by Black women, we solely produce products intentionally made for us, by us. That’s why My Black is Beautiful crafted two nutrient-rich formulas: The Blue Ginger Collection—which features refreshing anti-inflammatory ingredients, like blue ginger, mint, and tea tree oil—to refresh and balance your scalp, and the Golden Milk Collection—an enriching formula infused with coconut milk, turmeric, and ginger—that nourishes and moisturizes your curls from the inside out. Green Circles We believe a good self-care routine is essential to good overall health—and that most definitely includes your hair. It’s common to think of healthy hair in relation to length, but it’s equally important to consider your scalp. Strong, nourished hair begins at the follicle itself, which flourishes when kept balanced and free of obstruction. A restored scalp provides your hair with a clean, fresh canvas, ready to tackle whatever styling routine lies ahead. Curls are left looking defined and poppin’—a win-win for both you and your hair.

From prep to the next step, and every detangling in between, both the Blue Ginger and Golden Milk formulas give your curls space to live their most satisfied life. These product lines work well on their own—providing your hair with a formula backed by the nutrients, antioxidants, and natural infusions it needs—but are even better together, working in unison for each step of your hair journey. Below, we compare the powerful duo so you can see how the facts (and ingredients) stack up.

Birch Water: Nourishes + Hydrates. Tea Tree Oil: Alleviates Itch. Mint: Antioxidant Rich. Aloe: Soothes the Scalp. Blue Ginger coordinates with birch water, tea tree oil, mint, and aloe to satisfy the scalp.

Turmeric: Anti-Inflammatory. Coconut Milk: Conditions. Honey: Adds Shine. Ginger: Fights Dandruff. Golden Milk utilizes turmeric, coconut milk, honey, and ginger to nourish curly strands. Green Circles Whether you need a scalp refresh or a moisturizing melt, these two hair care collections have you covered. Pass along the good word to a sister, family member, or friend, and let ‘em know that a happy scalp and happy hair is possible. If they’re asking for the source, just mention My Black is Beautiful’s Blue Ginger and Golden Milk hair care lines.

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