Redefining Picture Day

By: Tamiaya Baker
By: Tamiaya Baker
Picture day is the perfect time for our girls to celebrate their textures.

I still experience nostalgia over childhood memories of straightening my hair. Picture this: The image of smoke rising from the metal hot comb placed over an open fire on the stovetop. The sound of popping grease as the hot comb grazes the globs of Blue Magic lathered on each hair strand. The stench of burning hair filling the house with warnings not to come into the kitchen – it was pressing time!

Despite the occasional scalp burn and inadvertent heat damage, those memories remain very fond because of what I knew was to follow. The hot comb usually meant that I was getting ready for a special occasion; Easter Sunday, Graduation Day, special family functions and picture day. I expected a photo-op and tons of compliments every time the hot comb came out. Because of that, straight hair translated as “pretty” to my younger self. I am sure many of us can relate to this type of conditioning.

Times have certainly changed. I see more and more Black women embracing natural textures and styling. We are rocking our afros, wash and go’s, locs, braids, twists and any other style that authenticates our respective textures. We are wearing our hair boldly, creatively and making a statement with each new do. This transition has served as a catalyst in redefining our overall cultural identity. We see it manifesting even on a large-scale with events just to celebrate natural hair culture! The shift in the natural hair community has been remarkable.

Picture Day is right around the corner ladies. Put away the pressing tools and do something extraordinary with the little one’s hair. Below are 10 trendy hair ideas to try for this year’s photo-op:

  1. Fulani Braids
  2. Wash and Go
  3. Bun-Hawk
  4. Knotless Braids
  5. Twist/Braid Out
  6. Feed-In Braids
  7. Stitch Braids
  8. Flat Twists
  9. Braided Top Knot
  10. Heatless Curls

If some of the above styles dont sound familiar, don’t fret! YouTube is a great resource for finding these styles and learning how to execute them. Feel free to adorn these looks with beads, gold/silver clamps, shells and colorful strings. Get creative with it, the little one will love it!

Our young Queens deserve to know that their natural hair and styles are not only beautiful, but worth celebrating every day. Shower them with compliments while they wear their braids and coils. Redefine the standard of beauty for our daughters so that they will understand and embrace their natural self-identity.

What hairstyle did the little ones in your life rock on picture day? Share your pics and tag us @MBIB on IG, Facebook or Twitter.

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