Protect That Crown

Sep 17, 2020
Sep 17, 2020
Healthy hair starts with a healthy scalp.

Fall is here. Can you believe it?! Time for pumpkin spice, sweater dresses, shorter days, and cooler nights. Depending on where you are in the world, fall usually brings a dryer, harsher climate. When the temperatures fall, you can throw on a few additional layers to protect your body, but what about your hair? Keeping your hair protected during the cooler months can have long-term moisturizing benefits for your hair. Guarding your growth in the fall and winter months means that when spring and summer come around, your curls are shining, healthy, and drawing looks from near and far.

But as we all know, this isn’t an ordinary fall in an ordinary year. We are still in a global pandemic. And while you may not be going to school, work, or other social events that motivated you to keep your coils looking right, your hair still deserves your love, honor, and protection. So, whether you’re motivated to embrace a hopefully saner, safer world in 2021 with a bumpin’ bouffant or need a reason to turn your camera ON during meetings, we have sound perspective on protective techniques for your hair.


What’s going on with your hair when it’s in a protective style?

Protective styles keep your ends tucked away and your length guarded. These styles also have the advantage of cutting down on styling time and provide the ultimate get-up-and-go scenario. Or considering our current reality, they ensure you’ll look super cute while binge-watching a new series.

Popular styles with added hair like crochet locs, box braids, and lace-front wigs allow you to rock a prepared style while your natural hair rests. The added length, new color, texture, and versatility that these styles provide is FUN and allows you to show your beauty in a new way! But it’s important to know that while your hair is up in braids or twists, it still needs moisture, nourishment, and refreshment or you’ll create the breakage and damage you intend to avoid. To love on your scalp while wearing protective styles, we love Royal Oils’ Instant Soothe Scalp Elixir, it features a cooling formula made with menthol and peppermint oil that instantly soothes irritated scalps. Its 24-hour scalp protection is completely free of dyes, parabens, and sulfates, and is specifically designed for protective styles. Our products are formulated to keep your scalp healthy.

How often should you change your protective style?

The duration of your protective style really depends on YOU. Cover your style and exposed hair with a scarf or sleep on a satin pillowcase. Some styles can last a few days while others last a few weeks. However long you wear your protective style, take care of your scalp (it is the source of your hair’s health!). When take-down day comes, really take your time. You don’t want to accidentally snip your hair or cause any Gordian knots that have to be cut out. This happens more than we’d like to admit.

After you’re done and have what looks like a head of chestnut-colored crinkle fries, PLEASE don’t comb through those knots of buildup! We recommend Pre-Shampoo Build Up Remover by Royal Oils, it breaks up those little knots with a micellar water formula that is also free of alcohols, parabens, and sulfates. It helps you to keep the length and thickness, and your protective style tangle-free.

What if I just want to throw on a bonnet?

We’re here for it! A protective style isn’t limited to going to get your hair “did” or installing the latest hair trend. You can protect your hair by putting your own hair in coils, plaits, or twists. With public safety a top concern and stylists taking necessary precautions, this is a perfect opportunity to get in tune with your curls and coils. Create a ritual of washing and conditioning your hair, caring for your scalp, and styling it. Deeply acquaint yourself with your hair’s textures and try something new. Connect to the diaspora with a stylish, regal head wrap. Even if you’re wearing a bonnet with a few jumbo two-strand twists underneath, a protective hairstyle allows your hair to rest and gather its strength. Moisturize, refine, and nourish your scalp and it will reward you with tresses that are truly a reflection of your beauty.

We proudly recommend the Royal Oils line for a crown that is strong and protected. Check out the entire collection here.

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