Aussie’s Miracle Curls Inspires Curly Girls

By: Shameka Brown Barbosa
By: Shameka Brown Barbosa
Aussie’s invites women and girls to turn their curls into a superpower.

As a curly girl, I’ve been embracing my natural curls for years. But I’ve never considered them a superpower, until now. With the help of Aussie’s new campaign, Curl Power, women and girls are being encouraged to find confidence within ourselves and so much more.

Launched at Beautycon LA in August, the new ad campaign features five influencers-turned-superheroes with a wide range of curl patterns, skin tones and body types. It’s the epitome of inclusion and I love it! Aussie partnered with famed comic artist, Jen Bartel, best known for her work with Marvel, DC and Image comics, to bring the characters to life.

Beautycon attendees loved the larger-than-life superhero-inspired booth. Many waited in long lines for a chance to step inside the Aussie comic book world, experience the brand and meet the influencers. Girl power truly existed from start to finish on the project and it showed.


Each “shero” has a different curl power that allows her to live her best life and was inspired by the real-life stories of the influencers and their amazing curls:

- Isabella Revel (@isabellarevel) became Wave Warrior who draws her strength from the ocean, to make herself and all girls stronger and more resilient.

- Daniella Perkins (@daniellaperkins) transformed into Radiant Star whose mission is to help girls grow into fearless women.

- Jasmine Brown (@jasmeannnn) was reimagined as Dream Defender who inspires girls to believe in themselves and their dreams.

- India Batson (@indiabatson) became Lioness who fights against stereotypes and empowers girls to be their authentic selves.

  • Leah Allyannah (@leahallyannah) morphed into Vibe Queen with the ability to help girls feel fearless by transferring boosts of confidence to them.


Like many of us, I’m no stranger to Aussie’s 3-Minute Miracle. It’s been an affordable staple in most of our beauty closets for years. But, Aussie’s Miracle Curl line is still relatively new and designed with us in mind – to give us shine and a frizz-free, manageable curls. The extensive line includes a 3-Minute Miracle, shampoo, conditioner, defining oil, mousse, curl cream, hair mask, crème pudding, curl refresher, leave-in detangling milk and even a co-wash!

As a mother of two curly girls, I’m always looking for products that can take great care of their varied curl patterns. And now that they’re getting old enough to care for their hair themselves, finding the right products is even more important. Manageability is key!

In a lot of ways, Curl Power reminded me of MBIB and its portrayal of our collective beauty. All of the featured on are chosen because they’re made uniquely for our beauty needs. So, when a brand works and also encourages self-confidence, self-esteem and self-love, what more is there to consider?!??

Aussie’s Miracle Curls made a statement: our difference can become our superpower. Count us in! I’m definitely adding it to our regimen this season.

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