Holiday Hair: Back Then and Now That You’re Grown

Thinking about the night before Easter can bring flashbacks of our former selves. In our mind, we become little Black girls on the hook for getting (and keeping) perfect hair before the big day. See how times have changed.

Ah, we can remember it now… sizzle, pop, fry. No, that’s not bacon. It’s the sound of your hair meeting a hot comb. Sunday scaries have a whole new meaning today, but that feeling of impending doom is familiar when we remember back to the Easter prep of our childhoods.

Whether you were tender-headed or not, your mama, granny, or auntie wouldn’t just be brushing your hair. She’d be sitting there brushing your ear, forehead, neck—and even your brain. While you sat there squirming and crying. And don’t you dare sleep wrong either, because the pictures must be perfect in the morning!

Can you feel it?

Now that you’re grown, you can relax a little. Because it’s up to you whether your Sunday look is serving “Effortless Ease” or “It’s OK to Be Extra.” Keep these ideas in mind when choosing your Easter hairstyle.

Collage of MBIB team members with their families on Easter


One of the biggest perks of being an adult is that you can choose the style you want. That means, the only person’s hands who are all up in your hair could be your own. (What a gift!)


Rocking natural styles is much more in style these days. We’re more aware of the damaging effects that heat and perms can have on our hair, so feel free to slick back into a simple bun, braid up your crowning glory, or let your curls live out loud.


Whether you’re beaded, braided, or more simply styled, don’t let the day pass you by without some pics. You already put forth all that effort, so make sure you and your loved ones capture the moments of you all looking your best. Easter styles might have changed from then to now, but one thing’s certain: The time, energy, and effort that goes into our hair has always been worth it. Collage of MBIB team members with their families on Easter.

My Black is Beautiful team members and their families at Easters past and present.Our childhood hairstyles will always hold a special place in our hearts. But, lucky for our scalps, there are now more painless options for turning heads at Easter service.