Our Favorite #BlackGirlMagic Hairstyles from the Past

By: Tiffany Bey
Jan 1, 2019
By: Tiffany Bey
Jan 1, 2019
Learn how to style 4 iconic looks that celebrate black fashion from the 50’s, 60’s and beyond.

I’m sure many of my sistas out there would agree that we love our hair – it’s unique, versatile and forever evolving with the times. But while I love a new hair trend as much as the next girl, I have to admit that the classic black hairstyles of decades past give me life, too. Repeat after me: What’s old is new again! Here’s how to own a vintage look.

1. The Pompadour

This fabulous (and protective) hairstyle screams 1950’s vintage glam – not to mention it’s so easy to achieve at home. Be sure to check out the video below to see the Pompadour style in action!

Get the Look

  1. Starting with dry natural hair parted down the middle, use a wide-tooth comb to comb back hair all the way up.
  2. Apply two to three pumps of Gold Series Intense Hydrating Oil to your palms, and distribute it evenly throughout your hair.
  3. Gather hair at the back of your head with both hands, twisting it into one large twist. Secure with bobby pins as you go, stopping once you get halfway up the back.
  4. Using a natural bristle brush, brush up one of the front side sections of hair, and start to roll the section inward toward the middle part. Secure with bobby pins. Repeat on the other side.

Style Tip: Make sure to leave out two large sections of hair at the front of your head from the twist.

2. The Afro

In the 60’s, when the Civil Rights Movement was at its peak, black women rocked the Afro as a powerful symbol to demonstrate their black pride and reject the societal norms of beauty. You can carry on their fierce legacy with these style tips.

Get the Look

  1. Start by applying Gold Series Curl Defining Pudding, evenly distributing it throughout damp hair.
  2. Using a wide-tooth comb, gently detangle your hair.
  3. Using a diffuser, lightly blow dry your hair until it’s completely dry.
  4. Using a pick comb, comb out ‘fro to desired size.

Style Tip: If you want to prep your style overnight, skip step 3 and do this instead: Section hair into four equal parts – front left, front right, back left and back right. Twist each section and apply a hair tie to the ends. Put on a silk scarf before going to bed, and then carefully take out each section in the morning.

3. Bantu Knots

Bantu knots are a black girl signature that have withstood the test of time! Originating thousands of years ago in West Africa by the Bantu people, this is a perfect style for all of our natural sistas.

Want to rock the Bantu knots? Check out the video below to see how you can get this look at home!

Get the Look

  1. Starting with dry hair, apply two pumps of Gold Series Leave-on Detangling Milk and smooth through ends. This will help detangle, tame frizz, moisturize and soften your locks.
  2. Using a wide-tooth comb, gently detangle your hair.
  3. Section your hair into however many knots you’d like.
  4. Twist each section of hair in a circular motion until it coils. Secure each with bobby pins.

4. Box Braids

From the 90’s to now, box braids have been making a serious comeback! And it’s likely due to their versatility – from long and luscious to sky-high buns and ponies, this style can be rocked in countless ways.

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