What to Know Before You Go

June 9, 2022
June 9, 2022
Learn Pro Tips from an Advanced Traveler

With the summer months soon approaching, temps are going up and our desire to turn up is too. It’s time to scratch that travel itch and get back out in the world (safely, of course!). So, if you’re ready to put those big trips back on your books—especially ones out of the country—check our advice first.

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We spoke with travel consultant and influencer @whatsjetlag Jovita Coppage about her globe-trotting experiences. (She’s been to more than 50 countries!) And, she’s giving us insider info by sharing her top travel pro tips with us.


Always be traveling together. Even if you’re going solo, put down two people when booking hotel rooms. And if chatty taxi drivers ask you who you’re traveling with, you’re never alone—always be meeting a friend or cousin or with a group. Never let people know you're traveling by yourself.

Contact the embassy

Register on the U.S. embassy website to provide your passport information and what countries you're visiting. This can help ensure your safety in case of extreme situations where you’d need to be evacuated.

Have an emergency contact

Make sure that your emergency contact has your full itinerary of your flight details, where you're going to be and when, and any hotel or lodging details. For extra safety, you can share your location details on your phone, so your emergency contact always has a good idea of where you are.

Don’t be flashy

Some of the places you travel to, the American dollar is worth so much. Don’t call attention to yourself by wearing expensive jewelry or having a lot of tech with you. Your phone may be your lifeline while you’re traveling, but that same phone could be worth enough to feed a family of six for six months, so make sure you are keeping your items safe and not making yourself a target.


Never post in real time. You want to make sure that you aren’t giving away your location details (for locals where you are or for people back home) because it can be a safety concern. Stay one step ahead of everyone, especially when you’re traveling.

Be respectful

Embrace the cultures you’re experiencing, but don’t exploit them. No need to culture vulture it up by overdoing your wardrobe or taking photos with impoverished communities in the background. They are people, not props. And, they didn't consent to be shared out to your followers. Soak in the experience. Let it humble you and show you how blessed you are.

Do your research

Every continent is made up of multiple countries and there can be a TON of cultural differences between regions, states, cities, villages… (You get the picture.)

For example, there are 54 countries on the continent of Africa. And many different tribes within those countries. They all have their own cultures, customs, and traditions. Be aware of their differences and respectful of the people and places you’re visiting. Pandemic note, because it’s still a thing: Make sure to get updated intel on what restrictions are in place before traveling.

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Whether you’re still just stalking plane tickets or have already packed your bags and are on your way to the airport for a hot girl summer adventure, traveling safely should still be top of mind. Check on any COVID protocols in the local areas where you’re going so your trip of a lifetime doesn’t turn into a hotel lock-down staycation.

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