"The Talk": The Conversation That Sparked a Movement

Jan 1, 2019
Jan 1, 2019
"The Talk" takes top honors at the 2018 Emmys.

We couldn’t be more excited to bring home an Emmy Award for “The Talk.” But this milestone victory is just the beginning of our efforts to end racial bias.

“The Talk” refers to the conversation black parents have with their children about the bias and discrimination they will face on a daily basis. In response, we created “The Talk” campaign – a series of videos, interviews and articles that shine a light on this often tough – but necessary – conversation. Our goal is to talk about “The Talk” so we can end the need to have it.

Inspired by our mission? Here’s how to use social media and “The Talk” to spark change in your community:

  1. Tell your story! Include photos and videos to make it personal.
  2. Tag My Black is Beautiful on Facebook and use the #TalkAboutBias hashtag on Twitter and Instagram so we can find it easily. We might even join the conversation!
  3. Ask questions and respond to social posts or tweets. You’ll notice that the more you engage online with your community, the more likes and comments you’ll see in return.
  4. Use the hashtags #TalkAboutBias, #MyBlackIsBeautiful and #MBIB to help amplify your message. It’ll help start conversations and make your posts easier to discover.
  5. Our ultimate goal is to reach millions of people and teach them about racial bias. We can only do that if we use language that uplifts and pushes our initiative forward.

These key phrases can help increase the impact of your post when referencing “The Talk.”

Hashtags Key phrases to Use
#TalkAboutBias I want to talk about 'The Talk' so we can end the need to have it. View the video and let's talk #TalkAboutBias
#MyBlackIsBeautiful Real talk: It's time we #TalkAboutBias.
#MBIB The conversation Black parents have but don't want to...thats 'The Talk'.

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Looking for more ideas to engage your community in a discussion about bias? Pick up our full discussion guide, learn about micro-aggressions in the workplace and get tips for having “The Talk” with your children.

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